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Get Rid of “That”

  We all know what the word "that" means, right? It identifies a specific person or thing. It's an essential word in the English language, but it's also a word that gets grossly overused. In my college writing class, we... Continue Reading →


Why Proofreading Matters

As an avid writer and self-proclaimed grammar nerd, I'm admittedly critical of others' writing. Even the smallest errors jump out at me and interrupt my reading, if only for a second. Writing is hard, and English (especially American English) is... Continue Reading →

Pesky Pronouns

The English language is confusing and contradictory. Pronouns are no exception. Pronouns are those words that take the place of a noun - I, he, it, they, etc. What gets confusing is when to use which one. Many of us... Continue Reading →

Who’s vs. Whose

I've said it before, and I'll say it forever...the English language is confusing, contradictory, and full of exceptions to the rules. Let's look at two words - who's and whose. We often think of the apostrophe as indicating ownership (this... Continue Reading →

Basic Sentence Structure

The English language is confusing - to say the least. Sentence structure is tough, and many people struggle to write a complete sentence. In English, we have four main types of sentences: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. The Simple Sentence... Continue Reading →

Content is King

In this age of digital content, how we say what we want to say is increasingly important. Our potential customers are reading about us on our websites and social platforms AND in our print materials! It's important, then, that our... Continue Reading →

Six Words (and Their Counterparts) You’re Not Using Correctly

The English language is confusing. For seemingly every rule, you'll find five exceptions. Countless words have other words that sound the same or are spelled the same but have completely different meanings. Below I outline just six of the many... Continue Reading →

Five Tips for Effective, Efficient Writing

In high school, I (like many people) took a creative writing class. The goal was simple - write as much as possible. Don't worry about proofreading or proper punctuation. Use AS MUCH detail and flowery description as you can. Then... Continue Reading →

Proper Writing Essential for Professional Image

Like it or not, we are judged (and we judge) on a daily basis. We send nonverbal signals constantly whether we’re aware of them or not. Our posture, attentiveness, clothing, eye contact, and even our writing all send messages to... Continue Reading →

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