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Why Proofreading Matters

As an avid writer and self-proclaimed grammar nerd, I'm admittedly critical of others' writing. Even the smallest errors jump out at me and interrupt my reading, if only for a second. Writing is hard, and English (especially American English) is... Continue Reading →

4 Tips to a Better Resume

So you're applying for jobs, and you pull out the resume you threw together a few years ago. You take a few minutes to add your current job and update your address, and you send it off. It looks good,... Continue Reading →

6 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the social network to be on for business purposes. Looking for a job? LinkedIn. Looking to network with professionals in your industry and area? LinkedIn. Looking to hire? LinkedIn. You get the picture. Just like your resume, though, it's... Continue Reading →

Basic Sentence Structure

The English language is confusing - to say the least. Sentence structure is tough, and many people struggle to write a complete sentence. In English, we have four main types of sentences: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. The Simple Sentence... Continue Reading →

Five Tips for Effective, Efficient Writing

In high school, I (like many people) took a creative writing class. The goal was simple - write as much as possible. Don't worry about proofreading or proper punctuation. Use AS MUCH detail and flowery description as you can. Then... Continue Reading →

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